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Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011, 13:01

05.02.2011: Masters Of Kick @ Scharni38

Breakcore, Hardcore, Acidcore, Tekno, Tek, Speedcore, Dark Ambient, Berlin, Brüssel, Kirdec, Syphilis, Doctor kick aka D.T.K., Simon Korfunkle, VJ MEAT, Glurff, Lain, Scharni 38

SoliParty 50/50: und Baukosten für Hausprojekt Scharni38

Saturday 5th February 2011
Brussel’s belgian based Masterz of kick resistance team come to Berlin for a night of quality hard electronic music


KIRDEC (Syrphe - Berlin ) - dope vegan breakcore
A torrent of fast, heavy, wicked patterns
delivered within ultimate precision, a must!

Syphilis (Masterz of Kick - Bruxelles ) - Minimal infected hardcore
proper edited hardcore will be provided by this young talented girl who indeed knows the deal.

Doctor kick aka D.T.K. ( Masterz of Kick - Bruxelles ) - tek Acid core
Raved brussels undergroundest moshs for years,
the doctor’s experience will heal you!

Simon Korfunkle ( Masterz of Kick / - Bruxelles ) - holy gabbabreakcore
Pray for the holy kick, that’s what you will do when the preacher will bass off the scene!

VJ MEAT ( V-Atak ) - audio video hack
Expect high frequency ear and retinial collapse with v-atak’s ambassador.

Glurff ( Splatterkore - Berlin ) - Speedcore infantry
Did you say glurffcore? I think i understood well, and this is what it will be, speed, terror and saturation!

Lain ( Audioactivity - Berlin ) - Dark Ambient shepperd
Leading the lost sheep to the darkness with a
selection of fine mental speedcore crossed with
deep drone waves.


LOCATION : Scharni Katakomben
Scharnweberstrasse 38

Artists starts from begin, so be early to support and leave late and wasted
no sexism, no racism, no homophobia
dogs can´t dance!!!
more infos and links SOON on :

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