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Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012, 09:15

15.12.2012 Master of Kick VII: "The Great Delete" @ Scharni

Masterz of Kick presents : "The Great Delete"

"in cooperation with some of the most active local curators, Masters of Kick is back in Scharni for a massive brain delete. Our favorite heroes are coming from all over Europe to erase the last remains of humanity in a night of real hardcore sounds in order to leave only bacterias..."

Lineup :

- D.T.K. Pornogore (M.o.k. - BE)
- Kinzo is here & katz the muse (HU)
- Syphilis (M.o.k. - BE)
- Newk (Encounters - NL)
- Darkam (Barok Works - IT)
- Grr (Isr/Mechanical Brain - IT)
- Sim on Kor Funkle (M.o.k. Berzerk-produkts - BE)

Visuals by :
- Synthbiose
- Kaef
- Lain

Extras :
Nintendo playground and micro-organism drinks!

About the artists:

NEWK (Encounters rotterdam) - NL
Spinning in Rotterdam since the 90's, but started making music even before, his passion to acid/breakcore/jungle led him to open a record shop in Rotterdam as well as recently launched a new label 'Encounters' with FFF and Copacod.

SYPHILIS (Masterz of Kick) - BE
Talented musician and sound engineer from a new generation still infected by the olders, she invokes fine electronic athmospheric ambients intricated with heavy and concrete hardcore beats for a proper and deadly dancefloor mash!

D.T.K. PORNOGORE (Masterz of Kick) - BE
aka Doctor Kick is a figure from brussel´s underground scene, he raved the darkest rooms with perfectly matched selections of the best acid/tek/core hits for more than a decade. Expect a mental tunnel of frenesy!

Project born in 2009 in Budapest with youtube dwelling and the intention of expressing a self-contained audio visual addiction. Lately Katz the Muse
completed the affair to drown into music crime and the show combines now 50's visuals with fetishism and horror!

DARKAM (Barok Works, Audiodrome) - IT
Active part of "audiodrome" and full time awesome graphic artist, Darkam hosts the "barok core" with high degree of quality and there´s no doubt that she knows what the score is!

SIM ON KOR FUNKLE (Berzerk-Produkts|Masterz of Kick) - BE
On a holy crusade for for a decade, formerly from Belgium and now stranded in deep Berlin, the preacher of the holy kick is gonna be there tonight to learn you how to knee in front of corrosives gabba kicks and doubtfull ravish intrusions.

GRR (I.S.R., Mechanical Brain) - IT
Energetic producer and party organizer, grr demonstrated his skills to the berlin breakcore scene with his "Audiodrome" parties. He´s gonna blast the dancefloor with boosted nasty amen breaks and powerfull dangerous outbreaked patterns!

When : 15th december
Where : Scharnweberstr. 38 (F-hain)

no sexism/no racism/no homophobia / dogs can’t dance!

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