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Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015, 11:40

Fraction Bruit 30.1. Villa Kurosium Berlin


dj team:::
~> LITHIUM & NEUE K aka TIQ berlin


explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the underground scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.

- excisting now since more than 10 years -
is one of the rarest appearing sound projects of the so called "berlin noise & experimental scene" ...

Building a continuous live show / / definitely dark and bewitching // crossing various universes from ambient/ noise to industrial // techno // exploring rhythms, machines, voice and instruments // provocative tone // dreaming to offer "spectacle total" for damaged brains ...

Organic void, animism and human stress towards nature. Land art in a mixer, Harsh dust in to eternal sounds - Gil Delindro is an awarded multidisciplinary artist working with film, installation, visuals, sound and performance. Presented work from the most isolated rural places to galleries and festivals in New York, Canada and Europe extensively. Collaborated with Tzadik, Audition Recs, A giant Fern, Soopa, among others..
" Like the transcendentalists, Delindro seeks to understand the human experience through solitary communion with nature(…) everyday sounds into oceanic swells that swept across the room " Jonathan Bruce on Canadian magazine MUSICWORKS 2014

A fluctuating group of furry fire freaks (mostly) from Friedrichshain, combining choreographed performances with everything hot! With over 20+yrs experience in the art of pyrophilia, our shows fluctuate from intensively practiced routines to impromptu dadaistic performances. Depending on the event at hand, our range of performances differ, from a caged phoenix escaping evil overlords, sinister puppet master controlling living marionettes, flaming sword fights & dancing zombie pandas to complete random kaos & flaming beauties with smeared lipstick and bitchy attitudes. Guaranteed to bring a smile to all those that are twisted and have a dark humor.

>>> LITHIUM & NEUE K aka TIQ berlin
TIQ is a minimal-synth party loved and supported by different alternative scenes. Dj Neue K and Lithium play simultaneously, their djset is rigid, cold, rough-edge, blind-alley and the drum machine beats always like a metronome. No matter if the sound comes from the past, the present or the future, they more and more devoted to select the best minimal-synth-wave music, so called "quadratic wave". Quadratic-wave is a word game and a concept from sound physics too, but the best way to catch it is to dance it, and the best way to dance it is by being concentrated and confined in a quadrangle as Die Tödlich Doris sang in their song Tanz im Quadrat: "Wir tanzen im Viereck, wir tanzen konzentriert". ... e-mix-set/ ... summer-14/

>>> Lithium is part of a project called Ancestral. Together with friends and collaborators, she investigats,the sense of "remote future", trying to understand how much we can still trace the contemporary back to the faraway world of the ancestors and if there is really something primordial and atavistic inside us. ... -v-280214/ ... raumklang/

VanSnapper is the collaboration of Natalie Van Sasse van Ysselt (Art Director / Video Scenographer) and Julian Ronnefeldt (Photographer and Video Artist). VanSnapper Visuals incorporates photography, video, motion graphics and film to intensify the reciprocity of analogue and digital media, of graphic elements and macro/micro biological structures. VanSnapper’s work is presented live in situ, visually translating their experimental, site-responsive approach to their interdisciplinary investigations.

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