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Samstag, 21. Mai 2011, 02:29

[RR.70] - spring cleaning music volume 2 ...

Part 2 of the most downloaded album in ROBO! Robotica history is finally here! 25 tracks of the most eclectic music you have ever listened to. Featuring some of the biggest names in the underground scene today from all points of planet Earth. Using the power of social networking all of these artists have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. If you are an older chap you might hate the internet and everything that comes from it. But when you take into consideration that it is 2011, you are probably in your late 50′s, have kids that are graduating college, and so on. The internet is one of the most powerful tools available today and without it none of these artists would have gotten together to make this sick compilation of music. Yes I do like making copies of fliers and passing them out to real people on the street, but nowadays you can just type a few words and presto the entire galaxy knows. I guess what i’m trying to say is that this is the future of music now. We don’t take no for an answer and we are all here to stay. Download this now for free and experience life in a whole new light. Get a broom, mop, and some cleaning sprays and go at it in your living room. I assure you that your woman will take the time to thank you with some good sexxin and or money for some precious weed. It’s Spring time, the smell of roses is in the air. The smell of some good skunk being burned down the street. Brisket smoking in the bbq pit. Topless women drinking beer on lounge chairs. This is the time, the time is now! Thank you and happy listening/cleaning/smoking/boning! -RR!



1. Bologna Violenta // @BOLOGNAVIOLENTA // //

2. NVR-NDR // @_tlr_ // //

3. Kusari Gama Kill // @kusarigamakill // //

4. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual // @kndrgrtnhzngrtl // //

5. Badgermeat // @badgermeat // //

6. A Beautiful Lotus // @abeautifullotus // //

7. Johan Ess // @Johan_Ess // //

8. Kuntpuncher // @kuntpunchersuck // //

9. Machine Within Water // @___coldfish___ // //

10. Cheezface // @cheezfacesux //

11. Doom Eunuch Limited // //

12. Pregnant Spore // // //

13. The Leviathans Mandible // ... 1185063763 //

14. Blast Perversion // //

15. Kessenchu // //

16. Happysucky // //

17. Tooth Eye // @tooth_eye // //

18. Cadaveric Sludge Dispenser Unit // //

19. Chulo // @chulopv // //

20. Xrin Arms // @xrinarms //

21. Funky Kong // //

22. I Killed Techno // @I_Killed_Techno // //

23. DXC // @DXC_Music // //

24. Lumberjack // //

25. Deadsmiles58 // //

-Cover Art by: Xrin Arms

-RR! Logo by: Katie Broad //

-Contact: // // @roborobotica

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