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Dr Gore


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Samstag, 18. August 2012, 10:54

Severe digits

Severed Digit Recordings is an Canadian independent record label
featuring mostly breakcore and experimental electronic music. SDR
started out in 2001 as a home for the weirder and harder side of techno
in a climate that was mostly dominated by dj’s playing whatever the
current trend was.

What started out humbly as a few guys in
Saskatchewan with with old school tracker software has now grown to
include artists from all over the world. SDR artists have also been busy
in the last 10 years, contributing to and organizing great underground
events all over Canada and the world as well as putting out great
releases on many other labels.

SDR started out as a mainly free
mp3 label since that was about all we could afford to do. Recently we
have started to expand in to pro material such as CDs and pay digital,
but we will always have a free mp3 side of the label since that way of
doing things will always be near and dear to us.

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