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Freitag, 18. Februar 2011, 10:38

Global map of underground core domination

Hello underground *core freaks! It's time to make our global family even more united :)

Bass Distortion Zine is making its travel guide even better, so y’all can get a more concrete view of the global domination of underground core. I’ve now added a Google map that lists local crews and also artists/djs if they are pioneers in their area:…=1&source=embed

It’s still lacking a lot, so if you want to help out you can make submissions here, in travel guide’s comment section or by pm'ing or e-mailing me.

The format for the submission is:
Country abbreviation (for example DE) - city (if the crew organizes in multiple cities, if possible, choose the one where the most parties are held) - crew/artist/dj name (also use “live” if the artist is performing and “label” if the crew is also involved with releases)
Url or e-mail (this is optional, but preferred)

For countries with bigger scenes it’s a must that the crews are dedicated to underground/less-commercial styles (see BDZ guidelines), but if it’s a country with a small scene and there are no underground crews there, it’s ok as long as it’s not purely mainstream hardcore/partycore/etc.

Looking forward to lots of submissions!

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