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Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015, 21:06

21.06.2015 - Musik Braucht Freiräume - Berlin

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
For the 6th year, Musik Braucht Freiräume (Mbf) comes back in Berlin on the 21st of June, as an alternative to the Official Fete de la Musique.

All the programs of this event are for Free

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ From 3pm ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
Speeches and Music at the Rummelsburger Bucht….49999/13.46912

►Der Schwund //

►Zerostress Pizzatruck​ // best pizza in town
►Spent Brewers Collective // home made beer brewery

+ Infopoint // Screen printing

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ From 9pm ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
Nachttanzdemo // Nightdemo
This year the demo will be going on the edge of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg

see full route there

►Speeches from: Mbf // Praxis Records​ // Tekk back da Park

►Performance by GoGoTrash

3 trucks fully loaded with Sound System from:

►Kapatekanahuac // IT // DE // Tekno

►Jungle Syndicate​ // UK // Jungle Hard DnB Breakcore

►Terrarista Tribe & Fahrende Geruechte Kueche zk​ // DE //

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ From Midnight until late ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
after Fete-Fete in a very secret location

►support by Cyberrise Sound System

►Bar from Kritische mediziner*innen

line up

►controlled weirdness (unearthly, GB ) // vinyl // elektro_breakz
►O'Live ( cyberrise, F ) // liveset // sci-fi tekno 140 bpm
►ROB ( prokedia , D ) // vinyl // freetekno
►I.N.D ( freeparade paris, F ) // liveset // industrial tribe
►Yaya (cyberrise, D) // vinyl // freestyle jungle tek
►Fourax ( Tomahawk / drop in caravan, F ) // Vinyl // tribal techno

►Freakshow with Rock

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Statement ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
We are Sound Activists, Artists and political Activists
from the Subculture and alternative Scene of Berlin.

We do what we do because we feel the need to do
it. Profit is not our motivation.
You will not find us in big clubs and posh galleries.

We are against!!
All mainstream, commercialize, consuming shit of any kind of expression in art, music and lifestyle!!

We are against!!
The gentrification process which tries to expulse us from our city, to eliminate us, steal our "Souls", put it in golden frames and sell it in Galleries.

Our aim is!!
To create a platform for all of us, where we come together to exchange ideas, skills, interact and find ways to resist and defend our alternative way of life.
For that we go at the 21 of June in the street because its our playground of communication to demonstrate and make some noise.

Reclain the street!
Reclain the city!
for free Spaces - for free People - Free the Music

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

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