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Freitag, 16. November 2012, 14:01

22.12.12 The Art Of Breakcore @ Hall Of Fame, Tilburg (NL)

The Art Of Breakcore

breakcore event & debate about art/music & politix/activism

22 december 2012
Hall of Fame
NS plein 5
5014 DA Tilburg
open: 18.00h

entree: 4 euro

style: breakcore, digital hardcore, drum 'n' noise, phantomnoise

line up:

Worlds Ab-Art aka aleXdee (Trash Tapes / Phantomnoise, Leipzig)
Le Rouage Lytique (Freak Animals / Utterly Wipe Out, Berlin)
Fobia (Seven Samurai Records, São Paulo / Berlin)
Kathinka Rouage (Freak Animals, Berlin)
Bart Hard (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands)

Art Of Breakcore is a wake up call for the raw side of 'breakcore' that
is not just about dance music, but more focussed on experiment,
breaking borders and political consciousness.

In the early '90's
breakcore developed out of the 80's & 90's industrial, punk,
hardcore breakbeats and noise. Some called the phenomenon 'digital
hardcore', others preferred the term 'breakcore', or named it
In all different developements influenced by things
happening in the world as well as developements within the music itself,
breakcore changed through the years into a broad spectrum of diversity.
Some of the developements continued and others almost ceased to exist.
Within the breakcore there are many obscure subgenres that always found just small attention, but were actually revolutionary.
like Widerstand Records, Trash Tapes and later also Phantomnoise, Seven
Samuari Records and Formosan gave interesting views with combining
industrial, political / society consciousness and riot sounds on their
Event series like Utterly Wipe Out broke the barriers
between noise, speedcore and breakcore, while other crews focussed more
on jungle, rave and later dubstep.
Through the years the first
catagory seems to became obscure, so we decided to bring back a bit of
the ideals that lived back then.

During this night we have a special line up of artists that show their vision on the art of breakcore each in their unique way.

Dreyhaupt aka Worlds Ab-Art, mainly known under his breakcore moniker
aleXdee (but worked also as Hagbard Celine or Amiga Squawk Tones) is the
founder of Trash Tapes & Phantomnoise Records. Besides he is
Co-Founder of the "100% Fakecore Networt" and the "Strukturbruch Events"
in Leipzig, Germany along with LXC of Alphacut Records.
He released his first tapes back in 1994, inspired by digital hardcore, gabba and punk music from that time.
the years he developed his sound and finally had chance to release his
first vinyl "Wer Sich Wehrt Ist Lebendig" in 1998 on the Austrian label
Widerstand Records. Right after that he founded his own vinyl label
Phantomnoise Records, which was, the very last "Label of the Month" on
John Peel Show in Oktober 2004, only two weeks before Peel died.
that, Phantomnoise stopped releasing on a regular basis and Alexdee
spend five years mostly with his radio show "The Fakecore Show" and
various other projects.
On this event he will give a special dj
performance. Don't expect some catchy danceable set or a faked live act
with some ready to play mp3 file on a sexy laptop, but a kind of real
stinky vinyl set turntablism without any turntablism (he's just too lazy
and inapt for that). A small, condensed noisy history of phantomnoise
and all related fakecore.
Bon appétit & Bon voyage!

Rouage Lytique, formerly known as Cocktail Lytique, is the mastermind
behind the Geräuschinfusion, Utterly Wipe Out and Lacerated Fragments
event series in Berlin.
As Orange he's been active as a
(web)designer, and photographer for a long time within the left wing
Berlin scene, one of his main projects is
been active as a dj since the 90's, under names as Sahid Rouage, Jimmi
Rocket and Kathinka Rouage, developing from industrial music to noise
and breakcore but also queerbeat, and as producer / live act Cocktail
Lytique / Le Rouage Lytique with extreme breakcore sounds without

is a experimental-breakcore-hiphop producer originally from Brazil,
currently living in Berlin. In 2007 she found her own label Seven
Samurai Records, where from she released works by Schizoid, Noize
Punishment and Ashtar-DXD amongst others.
In the same year she
performed for the first time in Netherlands, with a breakcore set on Not
Your Monkey Not Your Robot. Through the years she made name as a dj in
Germany, Switserland and Belgium amongst others.
In fall 2012 the
organisation of The Art Of Breakcore met her again and heard her play an
exiting set of experimental breakcore and noise / soundscapes, which
she mixed in a way not many can do. Therefore it's time to get her to
Netherlands again!

Hard is active since 12 years within the underground circuit, as dj as
well as organisator. He is co-founder of event series such as Not Your
Monkey Not Your Robot, but also likes to work on various other projects.
His latest project is titled 'The Art Of Breakcore'...

the event itself, people have chance to debate about politix, noise,
breakcore and the way these things work out together.
There will be
the new Datacide magazine available from Praxis, as well as a info stand
of people supporting the music as well as the political side of the
idea behind this event. More detailed info about this part will follow.

theme of the debate will be about art/music & politix/activism,
individualism vs group movements in political activism as well as music
scenes, how movements move to the 'middle' and losing ideals (left wing
politix turn middle politix to get more votes, underground scenes go
popular to get more audience) ad the being against somethig while not
showing what you do stand for


18.00 aleXdee: dj set with more experimental music
19.00 introduction to the night
19.00 first speaker of the night
debate about art/music and politix/activism, with a discussion panel of
people from the music scene as well as from activist movements
20.10 participation of the audience, questions, ideas, getting to know each other
the meantime activist groups have a chance to present themselves and
what they stand for, so people who are interested can find more
information about these movements.
21.00 the music part of the night
will start. There will be Vj's that will bring their visuals in which
the themes of the night will return and melt together with the music of:
- Worlds Ab-Art dj set (Journey through his past with music of Phantomnoise & connected labels)
- Kathinka Rouage dj set (diverse electronic music)
- Fobia dj set (soundscapes, noisescapes, breakcore)
- Le Rouage Lytique live (raw breakcore)
- Bart Hard dj set (raw breakcore)

social network links: ... 7190895264 ... kcore.html

flyer (design by Le Rouage Lytique) :


Freitag, 16. November 2012, 14:45

der flyer gefällt mir richtig gut


Freitag, 16. November 2012, 20:45

der ava von ir mir auch

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