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Samstag, 28. März 2015, 12:26

3.4. Sabbat @ Chesters (Berlin)

———————————————-A Night of—————————————-


——-This is a NON Commercial Event ——-

††††††††-APOCALYPTIC RAVE-††††††††††††††††




Jose Macabra was born in Toledo, Spain. With a background in Psychology, he studied Digital Media and Sound Arts and Design at LCC, in London. Since graduating he has worked in various fields of the arts, quickly becoming an established musician, curator and events promoter. After starting out with the band Joan of Arc Family (supporting Sex Gang Children and Tuxedomoon) he went on to performance art, founding the group L Karma DL Trauma, which appeared at London’s 291 Gallery in 2005, supporting Ron Athey’s “Judas Cradle”. His personal and distinctive use of sound and image has taken him to perform in various locations around Europe, most notably in UK, Spain, Germany and Greece (where he created the sound for “What Scratches The Glass From The Inside” with dancer Kat Valastur (which went on an international tour). He created the music for MTV ident animations, and sound for “Will It Hurt?”, a performance by Catherine Mafioleti in London. In 2009 he devised an experimental theatre performance/ live soundtrack for “The Shining”, at the BFI in London for the Stanley Kubrick season. In 2010 he created the “Dreams and Realities” show, which he presented with a performance art troupe at The Horse Hospital, for the London Underground Film Festival. More recently he performed at the Barbican as part of Cock Number 7. He is currently working with the band Brood, a development of Hypersensorial Squadron, with which he appeared in Noise=Noise=Noise, ILL FM and Resonance FM. The last project he is working on at the moment is a very original and intense performance with Ernesto Tomasini . Named Trans4Leben, This show, it brings a mixture between opera, sound improvisation, video art to the audience and it has been shown at Drop Dead Festival 2011 and MilkandLead gallery London. Jose is best known for his work on regular events in London and Berlin like Antagony, Sabbat and Behind Bars.



Dr. Nexus is world wide well known for his punk ass attitude which pretty much already there describes his approach on “music”.
The set-up to pull this off is in a constantly changing mode. It is based on several open source hardware elements like synthesizers, solar sound moduls, sampling moduls, etc as well as different electronic rythm devices.
To describe the sound of dr. nexus in human vocabulary you could call it “Hyper spasms of beats and noises” or something like a “mental miniskirt”.
He works alone and in an endless line of collaborations.

go-Dratta is an electronic music composer from Palermo. He conceived his first work in 2012, an EP entitled “Off-minor” (Brusionetlabel). In February 2013 the single “It’s getting too late” was released as part of the Manyfeetunder project. His first LP, “Deduct”, was published by Brusionetlabel in August 2014. On October 2014, the audio agency Sonospace add Similar Things EP to his catalogue in the Electronica chart. In February 2015 was released his third EP called “A Lump of Ice”.




-NEKROBOT Harsh-Experimental (SABBAT)


—DJ RWM (Shadowcast.Organization) Experimental Techno/Industrial/Noise
DJ RWM has been actively involved in the underground scene as a DJ and event organizer since the early 90’s, beginning with the Warehouse Rave scene on the East Coast of America in 1993 and has taken his ideas and passion for the music and art across the globe to cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Paris and finally settled on Berlin in 2008 as the base for all his activities.

He established Shadowcast.Organization in 1993, whose organizing aim has always been to subvert the commercialization of alternative ideas and give the opportunity to bring together artists and concepts that lend to the idea of being inspired by whats already been established to create a new experience. The idea has come to light with events such as “Signal Through The Flames”, “Frequency Transmission”, ” Sonic Dimension 1 + 2 ” and most recently ” Particle Collision”. Shadowcast has been on hiatus with the intent to introduce another chapter of ” Particle Collision ” in an entirely new format within the same concept.

As a DJ, he has garnered a reputation as being an avid vinyl collector and music enthusiast with impressive knowledge across a wide range of genres, which is best expressed in his DJ sets. His sets can be described as predominantly dark and experimental heavily influenced by Industrial music which has been at the core of his musical interest since the early 80’s and with a specific narrative that is precisely the expression of the emotions felt within the moment. Recently he has been focused on his own production work which is also reflective of his eclectic approach to music. Expect the unexpected!

ReveRso is an extravagant performance artists who dares to explore the darkest and most intoxicating subjects with his work in order to submit his audience to their own dark seduction,however it is always tempered with a touch of absurd and sinister comedy


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