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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013, 12:25

BERLIN - 20/09/2013 - When Kaometry meets Nomads

Kaometric Soliparty for Nomads Guinée
Benefit for 2014's projects in Guinea Conakry

Friday the 20th of Septembre, at Köpi/Berlin
Köpenicker Straße 137 - start at midnight

Line up :

Egon Frinz - Ambient (Cagliostro - DE)
Oxoa Necronauts - Necrostep (Kaometry - SP)
LLamatron - Warstep (Peace Off/Ruff/Kaometry - FR)
Itzi - Bouncing Tribe (Monotonsystem - DE)
Johnny Sideways - Industrial Hardtek/Hardcore (Kaotek Wreckords - UK)
Stazma The Junglechrist Idm/Breakcore (Peace Off/Acroplane - Fr)
Xeroderman - Idm/Breakcore (Kaometry/Mozyk/Sociopath rec - BE)
TaOuch - Hardtek (Kaometry - DE)

Video Installation by sansculotte (hirntrust)
Sound support by Monotonsystem

All graphics made by Dstry Trxh


Egon Frinz

Oxoa Necronauts


Originally from the Breakcore scene, LLamatron is now claiming the
Warstep term by producing a non-conventional hard dubstep music, savage
and chaotic at the same time.
After a first EP, Mirror of War, on
Accomodus, he joined the Peace Off label where his second EP, Ave Llama,
came to life. Last fall, he started a new project with UK artist Gore
Tech, and finished the soon-to-be-released Warhound EP on Rotator's
His stunning rhythms and saturated bass will not leave you
cold-hearted, but instead insufflate you a strong insane will to destroy
your neighbor. enjoy life! – or survival?

Johnny Sideways

After making an impact on the UK's underground scene around the turn of
the century, Johnny made his vinyl début in 2003 on acid techno label
Dirtbomb records, though by this time was already developing the harder,
breakbeat infused tekno sound he would become renowned for, taking in
influences from Hardcore Techno and the European Tribe/Hardtek sounds he
was playing while DJ'ing for the legendary Desert Storm Soundsystem.

In 2005 he formed his own label Kaotek Wreckords, as an outlet for the
hybrid sounds he and others were producing. Now having played countless
livesets in destinations all over Europe, and a back catalogue spanning
10 years on labels such as Tekiteazy, Electrokanibal, Absolute Rhythm
and more, Johnny Sideways chews up and spits out genres into a living
wall of sound..improvised, upfront and engaging..a purists
nightmare..and devastating on the dancefloor.

Stazma The Junglechrist
If Breakcore is dead, then Stazma the Junglechrist is the resurrection!

Hailing from the same French stock as Monster X, Rotator and the
infamous Peace Off imprint, Julien Guillot has been smashing up raves
all across Europe since his first release on Peace Off in 2008 and is
showing no signs of slowing down.
Having taken the early breakcore
ethos of genre mashing and amen splicing, Julien delivers his sound of
rave, gabber, jungle and dub with a modern, tight production that seems
synonymous with the French these days.
As well as making a name for
himself with releases on Meganeural, Structural Damage and Peace Off, it
is Stazma's live show which displays his work best. A frenetic, yet
finely tuned assault on the senses.
"It's really very energetic,
efficient and has all the elements to both kick out your sissy friends
out of the club and make the rest party till late after dawn. Stormy,
ravy breakcore." Nic (Ad Noiseam)

Young belgian breakcore/IDM producer, Xeroderman started out in 2008.

Of influences going from the punk hardcore to the classical music, he
participates in several compilations, spotted, among others, by labels
Mozyk and Peace Off, and should soon bring out his first EP soon on
He's slowly making his name and a place in the middle,
and we can certainly believe that it is one of the most promising
figures of the Belgian breakcore, to follow, thus, without moderation!


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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013, 12:42

sind ja ein paar interessante sachen dabei



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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013, 16:34

Warum habe ich nicht gesehen, daß hier gilt, wer das Label "transsexuell" von außen an
den Kopf gehämmert bekommt, wird behandelt, ausgegrenzt und aus demonstrativem Ekel
gemobbt wie ein Jude im dritten Reich? Der Faschismus ist allgegenwärtig in D-land, hier in
diesem Forum könnt ihr ihn hautnah und in Reinkultur miterleben, ernst gemeint.


Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013, 19:09

schönes interessantes line up, vor allem die psyecke

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